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Many people take time to research about products or service providers they want to use or buy from. This mantra has helped many avoid inferior quality products, rogue service providers, ultimately shaping a customer experience culture that’s driven by the consumer. In the past, most of the research was conducted by people closest to the consumers: their friends, family members, and reputable commentators like dedicated consumer magazines like the consumer report.

In an Internet driven age where consumers spend a tidy sum buying things online, most buyers rely on reviews when they’re researching products/services. The customer reviews you’re seeing on Amazon are responsible for the trust the e-commerce giant has received from the consumer base. Essay writing companies, however, don’t have any customer reviews on their websites despite having a huge number of professional writers who write student custom essays.

Students buying essays online

Students depend on essay writing companies for help when they need their custom papers done on their behalf. Whatever the case, essays are very important to their future careers, their GPA, which means that they have to be done perfectly. Without customer reviews or writer resumes, students have no luck with regards to vetting writers. Unless they are able to find comprehensive reviews about essay writing companies, it’s going to be quite challenging for them to find excellent custom essay writers.

Why review essay writing companies

One of the advantages of reading reviews is to discover new and exciting products or services. Reviews also protect consumers from making similar mistakes to their predecessors. We review essay writing companies to help our users find reputable custom essay writing companies they can rely on. In addition to this, we launched this website to help students spend as little time as possible researching for an appropriate custom essay writer- the end result is students spending more time doing work that matters.


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How it works

We constantly ask some of our users to share their experience ordering custom papers from different companies. The customer reviews come to us in the form or ratings and comments which are eventually used to rank some of the most efficient essay writing companies. In addition to this, also takes time to research and investigate every custom essay writers suggested. Their summary contains payment information, payment options and refund policies, among others. With this information, our users can rest assured that they’ll get an essay writing company that is up to the task.